Sunday, August 31, 2008

Four more to adore

Picked these up for vanfest sold my vintage mugs to Atom which i had spare theses are remakes from Bosko picked them up when I got my puffer fish

Not A Mug But A Request

DA tiki candel holder seen some very nice vintage ones recently but not cheap but this little guy was picked up from a nice lady in the USA. And its for a Nice Lady in Bristol (just got to remeber to take it with me) as request by my friend Jeff of da Bristol.
Was going to get a few more till i got a quote for postage sooooooo expensive

Friday, August 29, 2008

an eye for it

photo taken by ? one of the many guys on the car forum i love httuning but i guess it says a bit about tiki and a bit about how we or you look at things.

the little car in question is "da shitter" as owned by Mr Gootwood and it develops and i throw bits of tat at it and some times they get in the car other times they dont.

WTF am i trying to say well some people look at it and think nice car thats a bit funky and other look at it and pick up on the tiki influence - i give you the tiki influence and that means alot to me people (some people) get it they see what i see they enjoy it they frame it - gwood got it in big lumps

tiki you go to love it if its a damp sea side town in wales or a tropical beach or a socal meet it kind of gets you and when it got you there aint no going back

Saturday, August 23, 2008

long live the King

Every time I'm bored un down bit you now low i hit this and well i laugh i smile i lift my sprit its down on the left (no the right haha) the king Ku the guys funny and tiki and WTF it helps me through the day try it
Hay King Ahola From TonMawrTiki

Da LogO is a Gogo

Yep its there and it aint Square or up to standard the design is Thanks Bitch but the way i manage to put it up on here aint dyslexia and being IT deslexic dont help but its there!!!!


Yep we have a logo aint it fine and its all Mine where heading for proffesional blogdom

To inspire is to be inspired dont foget the email works and the comments function speak your mind tell me what you fancy seeing or knowing its all about the Tiki!

This Piece of Scrap you got to be Kidding

I not Saying anything cause i now his head wont fit through the door but this is my friends Splitscreen high top (he had to get a high top his ego had to get in it) only joking buddy yep hes been driving this little gem round with a basic interior for some time but a few alcohlic conversations have convinced him to go


yep hes joining the clantiki and has seen the light!!

Just got to convince a supplier in the US to ship some matting and well have this and mine clad in tikiness - watch this space its about to go tiki

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I got 2ft for you to Suck on

Solving the Coco Joe tiki mug problem aint been easy here in the uk cause it 's kinda rubbish to get stuff, my fat friend from bristol got me umbrellas and some dayglo straws but they aint done it for this tiki little begger.
So off we trot to the USA and found 2ft tiki straws perfect for the above tikiness and away we go lets see how we do. Get a proper pic of one in action this weekend!!
Son of tiki is back on the island after his last stay the shelves been emptied of all collectables found him half way up shouting look daddy car and smashing a £130 collectable campervan against the wall lol (not) but hes his fathers son got to blame myself. Mahope Richie

Monday, August 18, 2008

logo a go go

Yep soon to arrive is the TonMawrTiki logo and hopefully stickers ect thanks to my very good friend da Bitchmister watch this space!!!!

A very rainy VFW didnt and hasnt dampned the spirts hoping to have some great things for Vanfest Malvern and possibly a new van to take lets see?

Got an old friend Westy on the tiki tip and hopefully doing a splitscreen tiki bus - but i aint giving you all my ideas!!! You ever gona buy that cool box i got asked twice this weekend and told um it was sold??

Johny Pineapple What

Some LP covers to Brighten up dull day Though I wont be rushing out to Buy them Johny Pineapple sounds like a right freaky Tiki but you got to love the chunky tiki fun!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spoted on another blog

Spoted on another blog and had to post it here well cause i thinks it rocks

Ae Joe

Couple of bits of my Coco Joe collection watch out for the new stuff its the vintage you want!

Vw Stance Stance Stance

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stance Stance Stance PT1

Trade Un Rain Damit

Ade is still not sure on trading at VFW the unsureable keeps saying yes un no i dont now if i want a weekend off or if i hate rain enough to just help out at VFW and go home - well if orgainsation is the key I cant find the lock.

Monday, August 11, 2008

4 Philly aka Atomic

Random But LookyLikeydoom and some chicks with Bikes Hell Yeh

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Coller box of Tikiness haha

Sorry about the Picture Quality something on The Lense I think?
The Green cooler has been hit with the Sticker Stick covered in Tiki stickers now and the Marlin Cooler was purchased and covered in some Tiki material I got tucked away for the New Tiki Bus!!!
The Stainless Steel coller is a hundered year aniversary edition i picked up not cheap but I've not found another so well happy with it.
Just sold a 50's cooler with a big mooneyes on it - gutted I let it go so none of the above are going till i find there replacement - my mate Westy is nagging for one - easy now Bradh Tiki will sort it out you now it.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Da Puffer Fish

Well if you aint got one in your tiki ride you aint tiki cuz - well i just purchased mine form the u s of a and its gona proabably stick in my head when i drive but hell yeh i'm putting it in my van (blaintant rip off of another tiki ride but the best compliment is - to be ripped off) Got a spare!!!

Ratrod Bicycles

The Ratist Bicycle on there yeh "RatRod Bicycles" a forum for old bikes un rusty crap Wtf loves it pop a link up for you guys
Top Photos Ades from T4's Rus back in the day when he was riding BMX!! I Hate to say it but the git can still ride seen him recently on a 26" throwing down shapes haha that guys one crazy fool!!

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