Saturday, January 16, 2010

Not sure if I posted this before but worth another look

Kicking Off a new Blog

As youll have noticed the Jap car influence has hit this blog of late so I decided to setup a new blog dedicated to the American influnce on jap car style and american cars that have been done in Japan. what I like to call "JapRods" so catsh up with that on .

The co owner of the blog is Julian aka gotwood so expect him to rape and pillage his photo collection while I try to find stuff he hasnt already got.

Dont expect the car content to go from this blog though as there will plenty of tiki and van action on here and other jap cars that hit my switch!!

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Right fother muckers this is one of 2 ongoing blogs. Firstly "KauwaBeachClub" my original blog which is about Tiki, car and bikes and well "lifestyle" whatever that means!! If your reading this and thinking WTF then your looking at JapRod the second blog which is about Japenese american influnced cars and its a bit slow on there sorry!