Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tikis Bar and Grill Oahu

Tiki's Bar and Grill Oahu
Great location over looking Waikiki Beach but you could easily miss the gems at Tiki's. You can't miss the place but as you come up the stairs you could throw the tiki thing right out the window by just sitting at the Bar. If you're there for a meal its generally open seating so just go straight to the balcony at the back and take in the view of the beach and the tikis.

The main restaurant area is packed with tiki carvings and paintings, and the area around the gift shop. Word of warning on the Tikis they sell there K Mart and about $5 but as you're there get one full of cocktail and enjoy. When you've enjoyed the food which is above average for most of Waikiki then head for the bar. Plenty of drink options service is good but there is one reason to hit Tiki's its "Vaihi" awesome Hawaiian band with a twist, theys guys are awesome there there on Wednesdays and Sundays - check the web site for details.

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