Friday, February 6, 2009

Jason Jessee Art Deck (I own This)

So I Have a Crap Camera I'm Drunk and Tired and I Just Shoot This For You Guys Here It is The Jason Jessee Art Deck I'll Get One of My Boys To Shoot It Properly But In The Mean Time Cuz -- Dis is It

Tiki Time Soon Feel The Summer Warming My Back As We Speak

Shit Photo due to crap camera and flash work but its a signed deck in like 3 places

Shot with my finger over the flash "thats the colour of my blood"

Over scribe image over Rape of Liberty deck

FTW "Choken Hands Chicken Necks"

"Suicide Bomber" FTS "Suicide Girls" thats what we need!!

Where it rest's next to my small little collection of Tiki Un Tat in the computer room my Whole Tiki Collection is in boxes at the moment till my son is old enought to understand "Step away from the Tiki" hes like 3 he brakes everything!!!!!
The Camera next to it is cool it still works had film in it i shoot my son on it to mix it with the original film i'll shoot him a few times as he grows or untill the film runs out - the camera has been to Hawaii I'm hoping theres some old shots of Hawaii on it?
Proably just 50's porn>:}(

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