Sunday, July 27, 2008

TonMawr minus da Tikiness

This is Yesterday yep August over Tonmawr Wtf is going on those is rain clouds Bradhs - I was expecting to burn my Bald Head on My week Off not a Chance I'd say.

What a Mug

Well heres the new additons to the collection and aint they something elses!!
I have a theory that once all mass produced tiki mugs where looked at with disgust and one day when people got fed up of putting flowers in them those mugs well they went to the great trash mountain until people like me worked out they where cool and then they became collectable.
So dont turn your nose up at the mass produced cause one day they maybe collectable so here you have two.
These came from Canada and I dont now what the folk they where thinking but they put the value on the customs slip wrong and customs just hit me for five times what i paid for them - i think of south park the movie at this very moment. Uncle what?

T4srus get an education in Style

Yep Its not a fat Benny from Crossroads its that lune from T4sRus those van people - well having a unique driving style and carm atttitude he got the pleasure of a Ride in the new Projeckt Bus!! the look says it all he didnt appreciate the atmosphere from the engine and the smooth Gear Change but he was even more gutted about looking good in it!
No thats not the new VW midrif air bag he is actually fat

Tiki Van Project

Trust me It Looks better in the Photos but here it is da new (old) Tiki Bus Soon to be hit with the lowering Stick when the Random gearbox gets sorted.
Tiki Interior will be installed ect watch this space

Visit to No Brakes

Pop'd in on no brakes speed shop to get my bottom bracket looked at on the lowrider (it was lose and missing a washer) the Paint match was straight out da tin On the shop Bus and da Lowrider haha.

I won the most spokes competion though - been talking about the frame with my mate Rob i think a tiki theme will develop through the winter for it.

This was the last of the Sun as it emptied it down shortly after!! summer ended after one day again nearly crashed the van on the stretch down to Amanford was not tiki tropical just dangerous ful .

Da Tropical Beach Of Aberavon

Aint it Beautiful on the Rare weekend when the Sun comes out the masses flok to the tropical Beach of Aberavon to sun there translucent Skin till it burns like a Crisp - this is the less busy end and leAsT painfull to catch on camera.

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