Thursday, August 21, 2008

I got 2ft for you to Suck on

Solving the Coco Joe tiki mug problem aint been easy here in the uk cause it 's kinda rubbish to get stuff, my fat friend from bristol got me umbrellas and some dayglo straws but they aint done it for this tiki little begger.
So off we trot to the USA and found 2ft tiki straws perfect for the above tikiness and away we go lets see how we do. Get a proper pic of one in action this weekend!!
Son of tiki is back on the island after his last stay the shelves been emptied of all collectables found him half way up shouting look daddy car and smashing a £130 collectable campervan against the wall lol (not) but hes his fathers son got to blame myself. Mahope Richie

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