Friday, August 29, 2008

an eye for it

photo taken by ? one of the many guys on the car forum i love httuning but i guess it says a bit about tiki and a bit about how we or you look at things.

the little car in question is "da shitter" as owned by Mr Gootwood and it develops and i throw bits of tat at it and some times they get in the car other times they dont.

WTF am i trying to say well some people look at it and think nice car thats a bit funky and other look at it and pick up on the tiki influence - i give you the tiki influence and that means alot to me people (some people) get it they see what i see they enjoy it they frame it - gwood got it in big lumps

tiki you go to love it if its a damp sea side town in wales or a tropical beach or a socal meet it kind of gets you and when it got you there aint no going back

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