Friday, September 24, 2010

La Mariana

Normal protocol suggest I bang on about how amazing this trip was but to be honest I'm still kicking myself for not spending more time here and will be back. Theres a link here for historical info ect but I want to tell you something far more important.

How do you get there and what to expect.

Well it helps if your on the Island of Oahu for a start, various internet searches will tell you one tip which I ignored and you will also regret it if you do the same "When you get to Oahu make sure you go to La Mariana early in your stay so you have time to go back!"

So most importantly where is it and how do you get there; if like me you cant afford a $200 round trip taxi fare and you want a drink at the bar and dont want to take the car, I'd suggest "the bus".
Best bet is to jump on the 19 Airport bus it isnt too busy like the 20 and others and will have you to the airport in 20-25mins. Now if you did what I did you jump off at the airport at the international terminal take the lift downstairs and grab a Taxi which will take you to 50 Sand Island Access Road for under $20 including the tip. Alternatively ask the driver of the 19 to let you off at Sand Island Access Road and cross the busy road (I'd do what I did and pay the $20 for the taxi from the airport)
So if you've kept your eyes open on the way from the airport you will have noted that you came off the main road onto SIAR and gone straight through a T junction and travelled less than a quarter of a mile past two large commercial buildings and taken a right - straight ahead of you is La Mariana. (Tip at the bottom of the pictures you will see a small white submarine and a container with a chevy blaver on top these are visible from the SIAR and are a good indication your not lost)
As you enter the small parking area the Gift shop and bar are to your right you must visit both, the gift shop is run by Valerie who is a doll and knows her Tiki and she stocks some great Tikis, Tshirts and gifts. I didnt have food in the resturant as I spent too much in the gift shop but the bartender served up the two best Mai Tais on the island!!
If like me you spent your taxi fare home dont worry top tip, you can walk to the bus stop in less than 10 mins and on your way you pass the cheapest place on the Island to eat (and its good) "Pennys Drive in" plate meal, drink and a toasted sandwhich with tip $8. Short walk to the bus stop sees you back on the bus with a smile a tiki or two and a full stomach - result!!
Then after doing the above repeat at least one more time and take in what you missed the first time!

Thank the Lord for Annette Campbell and her life dedicated to La Mariana may she rest in peace in the arms of the Lord - your little piece of heaven you left us is in good hands and much loved.

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