Monday, April 6, 2009

Whoops I did It Again

Like Britney I'm fecked in the head and I gone done it again bought another project WTF so recap

The bober - well dead from the start lots of nice bits looks lovely dont feckin go anywhere

The XS500 - yep got down the road and died still in the shop soon to be Bratstyle if the engine from the bobber feckin works

The Merc Sump scraper - well to behonest no drama's yet shes been lowered and need to go lower and need a hint of matt black apart fromm that and some brake pads shes the shit - happy feckin days

And now I give you
( I did say I wouldnt buy another cause wankers drive um)

"Tiki Turd the 3rd"

So What we doing Terry?

Hot Rod Gasser

Tiki Turd


Well it gona B black Yep I got to Be black black Matt Black

Match the Merc and go Beserk

Theres room for the Tiki Bar??

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