Tuesday, September 30, 2008

build Off Bikes Check It

Respect the work Guys Awesome efforts and some great style Must crack on with the Lowrider this Winter think Its time for an Airbrush???

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Slough Swap Meet

Yep wizzing along the M4 In early November to help T4SRUS, we will be at Slough Swap meet to barter Tiki with the London and area Vw Clan so pop along.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Little Patina for Son of Tiki

I reckon you cant buy that paint Job its Aged to perfection 5 Years in the back yard of my friends Ali un Sue and 2 or is it 3 kids? Its seen the best un worst of the weather never been inside I'm Told!!

So a quick repair and on its steering and on to its next rider Son Of Tiki who will go mental for it I reckon but then again he got the choice of the trike or the car CAR I reckon.

Oh no another project i'm thinking change the steering wheel pinstripe it haha

Friday, September 19, 2008

The best T4 in the UK by far

I dont see any bolt on halfrods inspired stuff here theses guys love the tiki but they love the rod scene which i'm not part of here in the uk but respect some of the great uk cars and vans. Its fair to say that the uk produce some of the best custom choppers, hot rods and custom vans and I reckon this is one of them if you dont see what Gar and Kim did with this take a look at a stock T4 and compare the two.

This was on ebay if it didnt sell then i lost all my faith in the vw scene if i had the cash it be mine.

Buy the way Kim lays down some mean stripes and i think she did alot on the retrim Gar well look at the van!!!! hes got a few other nice bits in pieces a chopper as well and there nice people if you want something like this done you should contact um. South Coast Custom Bournemouth way I Believe.
I wish I didnt push paper for a living!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Well its Tuesday morning after Vanfest and my legs still ache!!! not feeling the Tiki just tired.

Met some great TikiHeads this weekend Kim and Gar from SouthCoastCustoms poped along and got more SoutSeaArts Tiki mugs thanks guys gona have a couple of photos of your T4 on here shortly. Met a Sweet young lady with a fine Hula girl Tat some great work saw a photo of her boyfirends back piece too very nice work.

Didnt see any of the show for the first time ever the T4sRus stand was rocking so helped them out as much as I could!The weather held off but the public carpark got flooded on sunday so they closed it which didnt help matters!

Anyhows time to chill.

The pics of the Tiki Drummer preformance we did for the masses on Friday night went down like a storm - the led light went to good use as i did ET most of saturday night - ouch!!!lol

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Flat Out For the WeeKend

TonMawrTiki is flat out for the weekend got a van to complete, wheels to collect from the polishers, fabrication to complete for the inside of the van, ICE to be taken out of the van.

I have to prepare for Vanfest, help my Buddy Ade from T4sRus, pack food and DRINK lol clothes !!the list gets bigger.

Wow so little time so much to mess up!!

Had a nice email from HotrodTikis's Dave and Sue they sent me some great picks of there suburban they have some great stuff check um out.

G's back in the land of tiki after a busy Oasis 8 and I have some limited bowls and some new tiki mugs hopefully on there way shortly from him.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I Love the TikiRoom

If youve not checked out the Enchanted Tiki Room online Youve missed out WaltDisneys famous automated tiki room just doesnt stop entertaining me. The rongo bowl above is on my hit list and the Shag tiki as well: seen a few but i've got all my Tiki eggs in one basket for the next show and hopping i can get a few pounds together to expand my collection.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

tiki carving one step to far

I been thinking it be good to Carve up a Tiki from its rawness where a bit short of Palms here in Tonmawr so a trip to the woods might serve up some potental or a wood pile.
But if you look at the two tikis in the middle youll understand why i wont.
For a grand total of £30 i had the Largest and thats come from the Hawaii (well Africa actually) so why bother cant buy the tools for that - well - cause its ok but its not mine and its not what i would carve so maybe just maybe i will.
Or i'll wait un see what Atom does hes threatening to do something he'll either pull it off or chop his leg off!

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