Wednesday, August 6, 2008

If Only It didnt Rain Here

Stopped Using 2 Wheels cause it rained so much just wasnt fun getting wet going to and from work wet, then having to chuck all the bike gear back on to go Visit someone. Hay i hate the rain its rained here every day for like 9 days i think and its summer: WTF!

But if it didnt rain and the roads werent crap how friggin cool would this be for work I'd wake up early to go the long way!!!

Didnt really do T pick up style rides and didnt do the short bed thing but its warming on me (not that i'll ever own one) but you got to love something that low!

MrG Tiki Stickers On There Way

Aint no secret I Love MrG Stuff especially the Tiki Stuff (even convinced a friend to have a MrG Tattoo:-) taken from Tiki Art?) so when the chance came to get some stickers I had to have um 3 designs there the doogies domes

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