Friday, August 8, 2008

Not getting this Fur shore

I dont now what to say why Tiki Cat? Tiki Cat also available Hawaiian Hound??? ?


Girls with Tats yes Tats not a Dyslexia moment

Spending hours on net looking for tiki items and bits un pieces, rather than working on my house or the ever growing unfinished bike,car,van projects lol

Occasionaly I spot something and it makes me recall previous days and what i liked and disliked- for example Girls with Tats

Now to be fair when I diped my toes in the water of tats the only female tats you saw where anchors on fat birds and roses on well doggy birds. Now every other thong clad skinny bird got something tated above there arse crack very original not.

So I used to like skinny now I like um chunky and I love um with loads of tats, never did blonde before either? Are progress its great tiki chicks with tats we love you especially a bit on the chunky side!!!

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