Sunday, July 27, 2008

TonMawr minus da Tikiness

This is Yesterday yep August over Tonmawr Wtf is going on those is rain clouds Bradhs - I was expecting to burn my Bald Head on My week Off not a Chance I'd say.

What a Mug

Well heres the new additons to the collection and aint they something elses!!
I have a theory that once all mass produced tiki mugs where looked at with disgust and one day when people got fed up of putting flowers in them those mugs well they went to the great trash mountain until people like me worked out they where cool and then they became collectable.
So dont turn your nose up at the mass produced cause one day they maybe collectable so here you have two.
These came from Canada and I dont now what the folk they where thinking but they put the value on the customs slip wrong and customs just hit me for five times what i paid for them - i think of south park the movie at this very moment. Uncle what?

T4srus get an education in Style

Yep Its not a fat Benny from Crossroads its that lune from T4sRus those van people - well having a unique driving style and carm atttitude he got the pleasure of a Ride in the new Projeckt Bus!! the look says it all he didnt appreciate the atmosphere from the engine and the smooth Gear Change but he was even more gutted about looking good in it!
No thats not the new VW midrif air bag he is actually fat

Tiki Van Project

Trust me It Looks better in the Photos but here it is da new (old) Tiki Bus Soon to be hit with the lowering Stick when the Random gearbox gets sorted.
Tiki Interior will be installed ect watch this space

Visit to No Brakes

Pop'd in on no brakes speed shop to get my bottom bracket looked at on the lowrider (it was lose and missing a washer) the Paint match was straight out da tin On the shop Bus and da Lowrider haha.

I won the most spokes competion though - been talking about the frame with my mate Rob i think a tiki theme will develop through the winter for it.

This was the last of the Sun as it emptied it down shortly after!! summer ended after one day again nearly crashed the van on the stretch down to Amanford was not tiki tropical just dangerous ful .

Da Tropical Beach Of Aberavon

Aint it Beautiful on the Rare weekend when the Sun comes out the masses flok to the tropical Beach of Aberavon to sun there translucent Skin till it burns like a Crisp - this is the less busy end and leAsT painfull to catch on camera.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Suns Out Lets get Topless

Another Toy to expenSive for TonmawrTiki and a Little Bit to Far awaY Its sTateSide on air with 20's Nice Ride and we All like one Of Them!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Whos Got Wood then I have lol

Spotted at Bug Jam 08 By Chrisradioman local dubber sweat woodie i loves it - good effort who ever you are!! get a photo of my mates Polo on here son thats proper wood dubin.

Whats Wrong with coco Joe

This is one of My perSonel Fav Tiki Mugs which i've been lucky enough to get hold of a few from G in Oahu. I reckon Hes One cooL Character Maybe longer sTraws i'll get another Pic up on here with a big straw howz is dat!

Tiki It Gets every where

Back in the Day not so long ago friends of mine used to lay down some Graff but never Tiki Graff
Nice piece Anyone know of any more Tiki Graff drop us a line or a link.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

LowRider Project

!$$ 144!$$ yeh baby 144 spoke wheels and a Frame ready for the Tiki-ness you can see some Tshirts I PicK'd Up But Hay Guess whaT is here thanks to Ben the clever little Cat more to come soon. Bens off to France this week you lucky feller and with his wife and The T4 (is that the right order!).

Better Late Than never Bvf report

It Rained boy did it rain as you can see fun was had by all even even Mr Potato Head paid a visit

Judged on Sunday the number One car for the day was this nice Mk1 Golf Sweet although the Derby should have one but I was slightly hampered by Mr Potato Head and his friend with mild learning difficulties Mr Rat who tampered with the marks.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

R quick E

Aloha again just back from the first Dubs in the Castle which was very chilled out event with a steady interest in Tiki and got a few more UK people drinking from the Tiki !

Some sun for a change and a birthday celebration ta Boot on da Saturday thanks for the effort my friends put in and a few that got added on the night be popping down to "DaiInks" shortly for a Celtic tattoo and possibly a calf tat tiki style watch this space!!

Ha you crazy cats I'm off for a well earned rest!

Hot Rod Hayride

This looks Like a change Have a week off In August with my Son but come the 9th I'll be looking to let my hair down and a non Vw Show seems just the ticket.


Been real busy today Had to Do work on The Tiki Wagon ready for the Show on the Weekend still Loads to do!!

Managed to find time to Buy a Lowrider of Atomic the Pinstriper Needs finishing but nearly there- another project haha

Tride my best to get the guy in the US to Post out the Von Franco Bike His silence speaks a thousand words lol

Hay got to go its stupid o Clock and I still got tikis to clean

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If you got One I want It

Tiki Taboo Von Franco Tiki Bike If you Got One I need it
These images came from Tiki Central A stateside Seller has this one, bit to far to travel from the UK - but if anyone got one and is willing to Post to it to me let me know!

Monday, July 14, 2008

This is how I Want To Be All Weekend

Me Saturday night At Bristol Volkfest very Hot after a days Barter with the Vw Lot and slighlty drunk Made my own Belt and Hat for the full Tiki Look - went down well!! Lol

Hopeing For a Nice Weekend of the same at Dubs at the Castle in Caldicot this weekend this sees the re launch of StinkyFish a friends surf company and No Brakes Speed Shop who do Hot Rod Stylized bits sticker curb feelers and what not! No Brakes Have a Blog to Check um out!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Party Harder

G is the third one in i is the first but least drunk in this shoot i reckon
Good Times this party shoot was Taken by a Great Vdubber and friend Gareth who sadly died in an accident going to the Lemans Classic 24 Hour race in France.

Hes also in an earlier photo at Bristol Volksfest rather dunk I might say but very happy so another young friend (35) moves on just reminds me too;


Aint It time I filled up that Seahorse again yet?
Mahope Gareth

Friday, July 11, 2008

stylish 60's tiki

Oh yes got to find one of these little Gems yeh its not Hawaiian Hip but I'm a product of the Summer of Love and had scooters i just Love the 60's.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Pictures can say a thousand words and I'm speachless if only!

Some UK Vw Action Awesome Squareback

Highlight of the recent show at Bvf was this Squareback on air bags loved it might sell the van for something like this! As you can see great Uk summer weather took some tikis to trade but it was not the weather for Hawaiian Cocktails!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hot Rod for a day

As we have a beautiful Pin Up Girl above thought I'd show you my current fav Rod which i found on the net think it may be Vegas. If i could drive a Rod for the day this would be it I think!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

tiki dish washing

Yep sometime you cant pay for your lunch and got to do dishes - yo just done want your friends to use it as a photo shoot. BVF 2008 very wet and drank to much.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The most Comfy mug Style

Heres a Sea Horse Mug from Gecko looks almost impossible to drink out of and hold but your thumb goes under the chin and your fingers go round the spines! Its fantastic i have a lava style mug which youll see in my photo and its my mug of choice for the VW shows.

The most Comfy mug Style

Heres a Sea Horse Mug from Gecko looks almost impossible to drink out of and hold but your thumb goes under the chin and your fingers go round the spines! Its fantastic i have a lava style mug which youll see in my photo and its my mug of choice for the VW shows.

Not all About the Mugs

Heres one of my Letter Holders got a Nice little Collection if CocoJoe stuff only have One to trade

This triple Montera leaf Dish I was going to Use for the centre of my Sterring Wheel on the Van may still do if No one wants it.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Wish I Had

The french have managed to produce some stylish vans in there time (yeh right)
But this 1958 beauty went for £1500 an I loves it! Did bid but bottled it as I new I'd not have the cash to finish it and i'm gutted.

Bamboo Side Bars Become a Reality

Two centre bits will do fine for the side bars on my van I reckon!!

Thinking of utilising one of the larger bits as a bumper with indicators but for once I need to actually do what i think not change my mind and get left with 5 bits of expensive bamboo.

Like the 6 smaller bits i bought and did nothing with i feel some mobile tiki camping furniture comming off?

Thanks Rob for getting it and the advice on the resto of the bar now if i can convince him to take a look and just show me how to do a little bit?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Tikimons hopefully next week

Just heard from the supplier who does Tikimon here in the UK will get my long awaited order Monday as i traded all my tikimon I had bar two. I'm taking them to BvF see what I can get for them!!

BvF a GoGo

Me in the middle with a hangover hence the kettle - Steve on the left and Martyn on the right - prior to judging the custom class at BvF

Two pics of my first attempt at a tiki surf bus not to radical i thought but it was for some and I lost a few thousand pounds on it when i sold it. But it was real fun doing it I learnt alot!!!
Off to BvF again friday to judge the custom class again looking forward to it!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Uk Mug on its way to Hawaii

Sent a Cheeky tiki mug off to south sea arts in hawaii today, the guys there been reall good to me the last year with late orders and being a nagging pain in the arse.

So a little thankyou to G a British tiki mug - cheeky tiki do some great stuff pitty there sites not 100% at the mo but any one wanting a nice uk mug give um a shout. Might put an order in myself after this years show season - well see how it goes!!!

tiki bar in da lounge

Check it out!!! plan was to put all my tiki mugs on and in it -- then had my 2 year old on the weekend and he managed to grab all my coco joe stuff and vintage toys off the shelf in the front lounge closely followed by me finding him in the wet room having a shave!!!!!!!!!!!
so no go with that idea - or it will end in tears lol
Thats his radio flyer trike which is waiting to be striped. shortly i hope as i sorted atomic out with his tiki mug so he owes me.

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