Thursday, August 26, 2010

Closing down the blog for a while

I'm closing down the blog for a while while I take my trip to Oahu. Mahola for looking and comments and see you guys soon.

Tidy Tottie Thursday

My new Wahine and some Randomness

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Courtsey of Angie Pontani via Facebook

Little bit of Burlesque news covered very nice too!!

Had only Six pink seahorses

Very rare Hawaiian meal Seahorse in a Basket!! This my good friends (Jason Cooper) Vw Hightop Splitty!!!Tiki Style!!

This is his fat head sat in the little beauty with a trophy for something, "best use of sunglasses"? i dont know??

Trader Vic Seahorse

My Lovely French Friend has now had a little Tiki package delivered!! I thought I would post a few Trader Vic pictures for her: I Know my Seahorse is in good hands.
I still have three Gecko "trader vic seahorse" mugs one I use, one for my collection and one waiting for a good home.
Its Nice to put a smile on a face with a Tiki Mug!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Tiki Scooter project

So been a while since I had a scooter and I fancy doing a tiki scooter but unsure which direction to go. Buy a funky twist and go and hit it tiki style or go bigger and have somthing the misses can hang off. Or do I empty my pockets for something older - when I think of the stuff I've had or could have had it makes me feel sick - £100 lambrettas where ten a penny!!!

Any way if i can get a cheap little 50 to run Imight also go big auto X9 or similar and then vinyl wrap it to suit me??!! But be an over 40 Oap mod - I wont I promise!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Volcom in Ohau

Found on RHPS blog and what a find Volcom free event on Ohau Labour day September 6th my first full day on Oahu guess where I'll be heading?

Tiki Bar @ Goodwood festival of Speed

MarkBognor off of the Retrorides forum paid a visit to Goodwood festival of speed and although I had good friends there none of them spoted the Tiki Bar (but Mark did). Hot rods outside the wall of death if you look close you will see the hotrodtiki car pushing its nose out!

Because I Had too

Andys Place Switzerland

So the seller of the MrG items tells me MrG did the bar logo and the menu hes gona pop in a business card for Andys Place as well, cool, maybe visit next summer??

Friday, August 20, 2010

Major Stoked

So if you have followed this blog or know me you will now I'm a big MrG fan and tonight I purchased to more MrG mugs for my collection and Boys and Girls "I am Stoked"

Um Friday Pt1

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